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Rules of Membership

  • All Partners will have equal standing within the FIG organisation and no bias or favouritism will be shown by FIG administration or other FIG Partners
  • All fees invoiced by FIG administration will be settled by the due date. Similarly, FIG will undertake to make payments or rebates to partners promptly. Fees may increase from time to time but by no more than 10% in any given year.
  • Partners will undertake to offer an exemplary service in respect of other Partners and Clients and will conduct themselves in a professional and considerate manner at all times
  • No abusive or defamatory remarks through any medium will be tolerated
  • If a Partner leaves the FIG network for whatever reason, the use of the FIG name or logo should form no part of that company's promotional material. Nor shall that company continue to claim membership of the FIG network. Should this situation occur FIG will consider this act a Breach of Contract and will prosecute accordingly
  • Failure to attend two consecutive AGMs without the consent of FIG Administration will result in expulsion from the FIG network
  • Non-payment of inter-network invoices by a partner should be flagged to FIG administration for mediation. If a Partner is deemed to have defaulted on a payment to a fellow Partner, FIG reserves the right to notify all Partners using the FIG Noticeboard. FIG will accept no financial liability for non-payment by Partners
  • Partners may leave the FIG organisation at any time. Fees will not be refunded. Should FIG deem that a Partner is in breach of the FIG Rules and Regulations and expel that Partner from the organisation, fees may be refunded at the discretion of the FIG administration
  • All FIG Partners are required to dedicate a minimum of 25% of their annual business to FIG Partners
  • These FIG Rules and Regulations may be added to with the prior consultation of all FIG Partners
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